Siegffried Loew

Cyril Siegfried Christian was born on August 30th, 1981 in Paris, France. His mother, Chantal Loew, was an opera singer and his father, Christian Brière, is a violinist of the Orchestra of Paris. At 6 years old he started learning ballet dancing, and made his first steps on stage at that time.

He met magic at 11, by receiving a book on games and toys in which two chapters are devoted to magic and card sleights. In this book he learned how to perform a card fan.

He continued studying ballet dancing until the age of 16. Meanwhile he learned more about magical arts, and settled his decision to become a professional conjurer by winning a second price in a magic competition at Jules Dhotel French Ring during his Baccalaureat graduation week, in June 2000.

Scientific Graduate, he started castings, and quickly got a replacement attraction place in Canotier du Pied de la Butte, a cabaret near Montmartre. In the same time he continued competing in county and national magic conventions.
In 2005 he discovered Irish dance and took lessons at Sarah Clark Academy.

Since 2000, Siegffried Loew has been working in several famous places of Paris cabarets, such as DonCamilo, Caveau de la Bolée, and in the present days in Chez ma Cousine cabaret, top of Montmartre, and La Villa d'Este, near Champs-Elysées ; he also did TV appearances on French channels France 2 and Paris Première, performs in gala shows around France, and is regularly working as an assistant for Jerôme Murat in his famous Living Statue act, in galas and on the stage of the Lido in Paris.

These days Siegffried Loew is studying acting at Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental in Clamart, the city where he lives ; in the mean time he performs in artistic projects with the Clamart Harmony as a dancer, actor and magician. In 2011 he blends classics of magic with figure skating choregraphy, to perform in ice shows in several towns in France.


  • Award at the French Championship of Magic on Paris Première
  • Golden Illixon at the Luchon French Festival of Illusion
  • Winner of the DIAVOL prize, Lyon
  • Golden Star of French Magic and young audience award, International Festival of Magic in Vallée de l'Eau d'Olle, France
  • Club Med 2nd prize at the Méribel Magic Festival
  • 2nd prize in stage magic at the Jules Dhotel Magic French Ring convention, Paris
  • Award at the DIAVOL prize, Lyon
  • 2nd prize at the Pré-Saint-Gervais Magic Festival
  • 3rd manipulation prize at the French Magic Federation Championship
  • 3rd prize in close-up magic at the Jules Dhotel Magic French Ring convention, Paris
  • Award at the French Magic Federation Championship

Siegffried Loew enjoyed performing for all these great firms:

  • Hermès
  • France 2
  • Ambassade d’Argentine en France
  • La Poste
  • Mairie de Paris
  • Paris Première
  • Nespresso
  • Société Générale
  • Lido de Paris
  • Le Don Camilo
  • Cabaret Chez Ma cousine
  • Le Caveau de la Bolée
  • La Villa d’Este
  • Fun TV
  • Radio Méribel